My First Failed Collab?

I’ve always loved the idea of collaborations and…I was always good at it. Whether it was sitting back and letting my group do all the work or investing myself so much into a project that I couldn’t sleep at night.  “If you’re interested, you’ll work hard at it” That saying could not be more true….

10 Steps To Social Detox

Let’s detox. The purpose of a detox can be endless. I did mine to clear my mind and just to challenge myself overall.  Also, the immense amount of stress my new acne medication was giving me, caused me to just want to curl in a little ball and come back when all the stress was just eliminated. So…

My First Time in China Town

Ni hao! My trip to China Town was a mix between traditional on one side of the spectrum and whatever you call “not chinese” on the other side of the spectrum. With hanging ducks and Caucasians singing in the middle of the street to raise money to buy one of their girlfriends a ring. I mean…

My First Time Rolling

Me and ANY sort of physical activity do not go well together. For me to really enjoy an ” activity ” it has to be somewhat easy and I thought rollerblading would be easy. Why? Well because it has four wheels so basically it’s like driving a car right! That’s what I thought at least….