My First Win

A friend recently said to me “Don’t act smart be smart”. I quickly brushed the funny incident out of my mind as we all laughed at the poorly worded sentence. However, as the night went on and we were playing game after game of cards, the meaning of the sentence posed to me. “Don’t act smart, be smart”.

It’s all fun and games until…it gets real, real fast.

Suddenly, it made sense. And then it really made sense. And then it was just annoying but it was true. In the nicest way possible, we are all over-confident sometimes. I am a very shy person, however, with a little liquid courage and being in the warm embrace of family, I can be a little over the top and when I say “over the top”, what I really mean is my answers get smarter and stupidly, I get more confident.

But as I write this now, I’ve can’t help but think, being confident is NOT a bad thing, however you should know when to stop. Whether or not he meant what I am interpreting, this intentional or unintentional lesson taught me a lot. I should really watch what I say. When you’re with people who you know, a filter is removed from the back of your mouth and you say whatever comes to you or at least that’s the case with me.

But that’s not even the problem for me. Even as a shy person, I do have a certain pedestal I put myself on. In some cases that is good, however, that leads to me sometimes thinking I’m better at something than another person is, which is disgusting. When I’m placed in such situations, I immediately zoom out and see my actions but me quickly brushing it off, just like I did when we were playing cards, is the bad thing.  I have to zoom out, know what I did was in fact wrong and not perform the same action again. It just escalates then and that is just not fun for anyone.

Self-development is really great. You become a better person in the end, but like I said, I’m shy. And even if you’re not, sometimes its really hard to be hard on ourselves. We have to realize that it’s simply development and not just criticism, so develop and get on with your life.


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