My First Negatives

Negative comments are said to be good for “growth and development”. I have never truly understood that statement because when I create work, most of the times, it’s produced with my entire effort and I’m usually very proud of my work whether I incorporate my entire effort or not. How would you like it if someone made fun of your child? – the child you created, most of the times, out of love and actual desire. Even though I’m being very dramatic, it hurts a little even if it is just a product/service.

Saying that, I can except criticism to some extent, however, when it’s from friends…it hurts a little more. A very small amount of people have been told about my blog. Telling them was very hard, with me thinking about whether or not I should tell them, almost every minute of my day. But with two of my friends, my big secret just came out and half the reason my secret just came out was because they are two of my really good friends. so there was me thinking ” if the people I hardly knew, could support me, for sure my great friends could as well “. I will not say I was wrong but lets just say I was surprised. Me being me, I was mortified. I started second guessing this whole blogging idea, however, I truly loved it as cliche as that sounds. I do love it.

It’s a funny thing how you can get various reactions from various people. I’m still friends with them, I mean everyone will have different reactions and this situation has made me in a very small way, stronger. This situation has made me alter the things I actually say to some people. That is at least until I have the confidence to be able to take the negative comments and really not care about them. In a way, me being able to actually write and then publish this post, is  me being able to move on from the comments. Every piece is hard to write and it takes me days sometimes. But this post in particular has taken me 2 months. And I’m not even gonna say ” Don’t care about what people think ” because you have to care about what your friends say! your Good friends though. I actually laugh about it now because of how long it actually took me to write this. However, I would rather my friends be totally honest with me than just be fake, smiling and nodding to everything I say. That’s just ridiculous. Now I appreciate them simply having a different opinion as me.

How did I actually get over the negative comments? Now this is actually really pathetic of me, but basically I waited for positive comments from exactly three people because I genuinely thought that would make up for the two negative comments. I feel so stupid now because I can’t believe I thought the way I did, but it is true. The positive comments almost made me feel ” secure ” enough to write again which is completely crazy, but again…true.

My kind of Confident Self

Looking at it now, just after two months, I am glad it happened. Like I said, it made me stronger. In fact, I’m writing this post now with more confidence, than when I was writing past posts.  Also, we need to respect peoples’ opinions but at the same time, we need to stay grounded in our passions and do what we love. In continuation of being more confident and doing what I love, I want to introduce my blog to more people and this is My First step to doing so…Follow my blog with Bloglovin


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  1. Yesssssss Evana I totally agree with you, slowly but surely you got to this point! You go girl, slay be confident! 😘
    Loving the outfit btw 🔥


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