My First Time at Beltane & Pop and Wahaca

Hot chocolate is never a bad thing and if you are of age to drink alcohol, hot chocolate with alcohol is even better! Funny story actually, the day I tried this hot chocolate from Beltane & Pop with Irish Cream in it, we were actually looking for some mulled wine and the lines for those places were too long so we ” settled ” for hot chocolate. Little did we know, the hot chocolate from this place could have alcohol mixed in it. It’s sad how happy we actually were when we found out. It was almost nerve-racking ordering my hot chocolate and you might be thinking ” it’s just hot chocolate! ” but NO. You can choose from over 5 different types of chocolates which have different percentages and all, like I didn’t even understand all that, I just requested for milk chocolate with Irish Cream in it and on top of that, you can choose your toppings and your liqueurs. The price was a little crazy: around £6 however, I was very happy with the result and I would definitely go back there! Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

On the other hand, the place we went to for dinner disappointed me. The company definitely made it better so it’s all good. At Wahaca I ordered, Guacamole and tortilla chips for a starter which was as good as guacamole gets and was priced at £4.15, it was very average but still good. And for the main, I got the slow-cooked pork burrito. It was spicy even for me since the pork was marinated in a habanero and achiote marinade and it was served with pickled onions which bought freshness to the whole burrito.That came with a guacamole salsa thing and these tortilla chips on the side which were topped with this chipotle salsa. It was a good burrito, however, it did not amaze me and the presentation straight up made me want to cry! It looks like I made that burrito! The burrito was priced at £7.15 and IF I ever went back, I would choose a little bit wiser because the burrito didn’t even appeal to me whilst I was going through the menu!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

It definitely looked better once I cut into it. For sure I appreciate the time and effort that went into making this slow-cooked pork burrito and the amount of ingredients in the actual burrito. The rice and beans inside were good as well but again I’ve had better burritos. But what did appeal to me was he drink I ordered: The Wahaca Mule which was ginger beer, fresh lemon juice and tequila and it was priced at £6.50. The meal I ordered did not justify the price of this place but would I go there again? I would but I wouldn’t order the same thing except for the drink…that was good!


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