My First Love In The UK

Like I’ve said in the past, I wasn’t keen on moving to the UK and even when I got there, I wanted to go back ASAP. I was very negative about everything until, I visited a place called Camden. It was instant connection and I kind of fell in love. The air was clear of judgement, music was in the air, the markets were so busy. It was such a cool experience, I haven’t seen anything like this before.


After walking for a bit, I got super excited because I smelled food. From Spanish to Indian to Greek to Italian, yeah I was definitely happy there.

I think I connected so much to this place because just knowing i’m not from the UK, I feel judged, some people are actually judging and some people are just day dreaming and just happened to be looking at me but I just feel insecure and in Camden, literally no one cares and you can literally feel that freedom. I really don’t know how else to explain it but I literally felt that air was free of judgement or rather everyone there is just doing their own thing that you yourself almost feel completely normal! People are dreamers there, painting, laughing, eating and even drinking and just ย enjoying themselves. I am genuinely happy I was introduced to this place and if you’re into music and art, that is THE place for you. Also, if you’re into vintage anything, you’ll find it in Camden. That part is annoying for me because they have so many mini markets grouped together so if you go there with people who love shopping and you’re not that type, DON’T GO. For me, its the atmosphere and the food that appeals to me.


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